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Published: 15th July 2010
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Marine color (Green Marine)

What are the color differences between the models?

This is one of the most common questions.

In this newsletter I will try to guide you about the result color of the Marine (Green Marine) color on my dark brown eyes


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Green Marine color

The name of this color is Green Marine but actually the result color is more blue than green.

Sometimes it looks greener than blue and sometimes more blue than green.

The name intends to present a color that is similar to the green Blue of the sea.

So let's start....

Here are my natural dark brown eyes Color:


The next photos were taken on my eyes, outdoor day light no flash.

HidroCor Marine

The HidroCor Marine is the most greenish color and the lightest one from the three models.


:: Hidrocor Marine Photos

More Photos HidroCor Marine:



Natural colors Marine

The Natural colors Marine is darker than the Hidrocor Marine and actually looks more blue than green.

The Natural Colors Marine looks the most natural.

:: Natural Colors Marine Photos


More Photos Natural Colors Marine:


HidroCharme Marine

The HidroCharme Marine looks blue.

The color is more noticeable as you can see.

:: Hidrocharme Marine Photos


More Photos HidroCharme Marine:


In both eyes - HidroCharme and Natural Colors:


In both eyes - HidroCor and Natural Colors:


HidroCor Marine vs Natural Colors Marine vs HidroCharme Marine:

:: Marine Color Comparison Photos

Please note that the result color may be different from one person to another, so some amount of trial and error may be required

— With love...

— And For beautiful eyes

— Lisa


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