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Published: 15th July 2010
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Solotica Icemint -Cristal color

After several versions that had been tried.

Solotica offers the new color Cristal (Icemint).

The official name is Cristal.


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Since many of our customers and readers want to know how the new Cristal color lenses will look on dark eyes, in this newsletter I will show you how the new Cristal color lenses look on my dark brown eyes.


About this color...

This color is a beautiful color and looks really natural.

Sometimes it looks like a light grey greenish color.

And sometimes it looks more light grey bluish than greenish.

It depends on your natural eye color and on the light.


The color technique

The delicate circle around the lens is lighter and made of

a grey color. The result is more brightness and natural

look. Here you can see the difference.


More photos of the Cristal Color:

:: Natural Colors Icemint-Cristal Photos



Solotica Cristal Color Close-up:

The color is so delicate and has a kind of unmarked

Lines made of the spaces between the scattered color dots.

This gives the lens the ability to blend with your natural Eye color.

The result is an amazing natural color.


The pupil hole is not marked and not symmetrical

so the result is very natural on the eyes.

A comparison with the Mel color:


This photo was shot outdoor in day light with no flash.

Another comparison with the Mel color:


A comparison with the Ice color:


More comparison with other colors on my dark brown eyes with no flash:


More beautiful colors on dark brown eyes with no flash:


Want to know what color is the best for you?

Ask Lisa, send a mail to:

You can send photos of your natural eyes,

And I will do my best to give you my advice.

For beautiful



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